Want to be a sister, here's an lovable Xabiru portrait, Rachel Ven's child

Previously, on the cease of 2017, this celebrity couple had been blessed with a son named Xabiru Oshe AL-Hakim, who's normally referred to as Biru.

Rachel first announced the pregnancy of her moment youngster by her private Instagram account (@rachelvennya) by uploading a sure experiment pack photograph with the historical past of her first son, Xabiru, who appeared sulky with the caption "The stoic yeah Bi ... #SalahinAyah."

This made Rachel flooded with congratulations on the pregnancy of her moment child, as nicely as giggling on the caption Rachel wrote within the photograph she uploaded.

Even although Blue isn't even 2 years vintage and already needs to be a enormous brother, Blue is increasingly cute and smart, you know!

Related to this, proper correct listed below are 9 lovable portraits of Blue which will quickly turn out to be enormous brothers.

1. Very independent, Blue

In the video uploaded by Rachel, Biru is considered taking his own ingesting water by a dispenser that seems a lot upper than his height.

In the video, Rachel seems shocked simply due to the fact her son can take his own ingesting water with out the assist and teachings from him. Very clever, Blue!

2. Blue has graduated from school, Ma

Xabiru typically seems adorable. At the time of his friend's birthday, Xabiru used a excessive faculty uniform.

Uploaded via the Papa's private Instagram account (@okintph), Biru is considered donning a faculty uniform and retaining a work of paper like a diploma. Congratulations, Blue, it is prepared to be a university kid, hahaha.

3. A godly youngster who's adorable

Rachel shared a number of photographs throughout the 4-month pregnancy.

One of the issues that makes gemas warganet is that, whilst Rachel stocks a video that exhibits Blue is practicing the prayer stream throughout her sister's 4-month tasyukur ceremony.

ManyaAllah, here's very smart.

4. Brush your enamel from the small, sensible Xabiru

Although nonetheless small, Rachel taught kids early on about cleanliness in themselves. One of them is just like the subsequent video.

Rachel uploaded a video whilst she was brushing enamel on a blue tooth. That's proper and really smart, Blue!

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5. Children of the age now

Today's kids are very tech-savvy children, Ma?

Like the video uploaded by Niko below, within the video Blue Blue is recording himself saying, "Hi guys."

Wow! Blue is already getting smarter speaking about this. Do you desire to be a youtuber , Bi?

6. His brother and sister

In a submit a few time ago, Rachel uploaded a photograph with Blue status subsequent to her with a candy caption "Brother, bro, I'll say later ❤️"

So adorable! It's proper to be a sister, bro?

7. Train swimming early

Often pay attention instances of kids drowning, making Rachel and Niko very involved about swimming problems.

Rachel uploaded a video displaying they have been educating respiring on the Blue by diving collectively within the pool.

In the caption, Rachel said, "Don't recognize why Blue can cling breath in water."

Great! Still small but now not afraid to be invited to swim huh, Bi.

8. Very near youngster along with his father

Growing up and born from Mama's body, perhaps folks all the time assume if the youngster can also be nearer to Mama later.

However, Blue, who has entered the age of being capable to speak, grew to turn out to be out to be calling Father incredibly than  Buna (the identify Mama gave to Blue).

As within the video that Rachel uploaded whilst he taught Blue to name Buna , Blue nonetheless referred to as Father .

Wow! Daddy's youngster is so yes, Blue.

9. Want to be a enormous brother, you know, Bi?

The photograph that exhibits the expression Blue who seems shy whilst she needs to kiss Rachel successfully makes Warganet apprehensive in regards to the expression that Blue shows.

It's getting larger and recognize you desire to have a young sibling, so is that so, Bi? Hihi is so cute, Ma?

Well, that is 7 portraits of apprehensive and wise youngster couple as Rachel Vennya and Niko Al-Hakim who're about to turn out to be brothers.

Hopefully the well being of the youngster who's in Rachel Ven's womb is maintained till the beginning process, and in addition hopefully Biru might be a nice sister to be a position variety for her young siblings.

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